Personalised Children’s books

An Explosion of Fun Through Learning

A FABLE create books with the centre and heart of each book being a specific social skill. We believe children learn so much more when they’re having fun, so every book is packed full of adventure. To make it even more special, the books are personalised story books, making any child the central character. Every customised book has a strong meaning throughout setting solid and positive examples for children to learn from, but in a fun way. Each child is taken on a magical and unique journey, inside their very own personalised book. When a child is the star of their own personalised book, they engage more and have so much more enthusiasm when it comes to reading. Our personalised story books are beautifully illustrated, creating a stunning customised book for all children to enjoy.

Action, packed, adventure personalised children’s book with personalised characters and a hidden lesson in the benefits of keeping tidy and organised. This book is a personalised story book for a mummy and a child or a daddy and a child. A real favourite amongst personalised books.

A magical personalised story book set in the Enchanted Forest with personalised characters and a hidden lesson in Self Confidence and  Self Belief. This book is a personalised book for a mummy and child or a daddy and child. Another favourite amongst personalised children’s books.

This exciting, personalised Christmas book is a stunning stocking filler. Ideal for any child’s Christmas present. Each child in the book is taken on a quest to find out why Santa has gone on strike. They embark of a thrilling adventure to the North Pole meeting various characters along the way before finally meeting the man in red himself.

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