Create Your Own Play

We love the “World of “Let’s Pretend” at A Fable. It’s a cracking way to delve into a child’s imagination.

Here is a great way to build social skills and have fun at the same time.

Create your own Theatre Play at Home, in an afternoon!

You can do this by choosing a children’s story book and picking a scene within the book and then re-create the scene. It could be a chapter or even just a page of the book. Give yourself and your child/children characters to be. Give the process structure by working out together a beginning middle and end. In other words, what happens at the start, then the middle and then the end. This helps with clarity. You can leave it as a “Cliffhanger” if you like which is always fun!

Once well rehearsed, you can then delve into the world of “Arts and Crafts” by creating the costumes, props and even a programme relating to your production. The programme can include the title of the show, each child and what part they are a brief synopsis.

This activity brings a wealth of Social Skill Development. These being “Teamwork, Listening Skills, Eye Contact, Solo Speaking, Imagination and Confidence’. To add “Leadership Qualities” you can also appoint a “Director”. This works with slightly older children.

This exercise also brings the “Personalised Children’s Stories” concept alive, it enhances your relationship with your child/children and above all it’s simply brilliant fun and costs nothing!

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