A Fable for Schools

About A Fable for School

There’s something truly, wondrous about listening to authors bring their own stories to life. Taking the children on a fun packed adventure and inspiring their own imaginations to take hold of each magical moment!

A World of Let's Pretend

Read-alouds are a wonderful way to foster a love for books in classrooms. What better way to do it than to do it with the author themselves. So at A Fable we are offering schools their very own personal experience with the author in the way of an animated book reading, with a difference!

Inspiring Imagination

Each book reading is a workshop equipped with music, sound effects and cleverly structured to enable the children to explore the book in various different ways. Miranda Magee is an experienced actress as well as an author and is able to really bring through the characters, creating an exciting journey for each child to go on.

Develop Interaction and Engagement

We have two books to offer read throughs at present. The Great Space Race which is a fast-paced, fun-packed, personalised adventure book. This book is designed to help each child understand the importance of being organised and tidy.  The book demonstrates clearly how being organised and tidy can enhance productivity and create a sense of achievement. The second book is The Enchanted Forest. A magical, personalised book, full of mystical characters. Each child is taken on an adventure into the Enchanted Forest. This book emphasises and demonstrates, in a fun way, the power of affirmation words and body language to enhance self-confidence and inner strength. 


We want to reach as many children as possible, so we’re offering these workshops free of charge for a limited time only!

If you would like to more information contact us on:

01798 669203 or email: info@a-fable.co.uk

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