About Us

Children Are Amazing

They have the ability to bring energy, purpose, enthusiasm, fulfilment and happiness to a parent’s world.

They are all so different with different personalities but what all children have in common is they love to have fun.

Whether being in the playground or on a playdate, fun is at the centre of everything, so what better way to teach and guide children than to do it in the most fun packed way.

What We Do

“A Fable” is a company creating books with the centre and heart of each book being a specific social skill.

We believe children learn so much more when they’re having fun so each book is packed full of adventure.

To make it even more special, the books are personalised to include your child as the centre character.

Every story has a strong meaning throughout setting solid and positive examples for children to learn from.

Parents to Cameron and Rebecca, Miranda and Marcus are a couple who have created “A Fable”.

Miranda has over 10 years experience working with children and specialising in social skills development.

Marcus has a background in journalism and script editing.

Their beliefs are solely and primarily towards nurturing children.

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