Frequently Asked Question’s

What are the books designed to do?

Each book has a specific social skill or skills attached to the story. The characters in the book are there for children to identify with and relate too.

Why are the books effective in the child’s development.

A book full of fun and adventure enables your child to ‘indirectly’ learn. The more fun a child has the more they’re engaged. The more they’re engaged the more they learn.

How will the books help my child’s development?

The books are designed to be a positive influence over your child. If your child is struggling with a specific social skill then each book relevant to that specific social skill will act as a tool towards their guidance and focus.

How can I enhance the experience my child is getting from each book.

My advice to parents is to refer to the books and the characters in the books when relevant incidents occur in your child’s everyday life. Chat with them about what happened in the book and how it is relevant to what they are also experiencing. Focus on how the characters felt in the book and how they dealt with the same issue they are experiencing.

Why are the books personalised?

Personalisation is a great way to let your child feel like they’re part of the adventure. In the story your child will encounter problems relevant to the social skill(s) and overcome these problems. This will instil confidence in your child, enabling them to draw on this when dealing with these same issues in real life.

What is your experience in child development?

Miranda has worked specifically in child development for over 10 years. She has taught and developed children’s social skills through singing, dancing and acting classes whilst working for Perform thanks to Perform Miranda is now an expert in her chosen field. She has also worked as a writer developing children’s plays and poetry.

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