had to get up for school.
He liked school, but he decided
that he wanted to have more fun.
He climbed out of bed and went
downstairs to see his Dad
buttering toast.

“Morning,” he said, handing him the toast. “Have I
told you how amazing you are? And I'm lucky
to have you?" smiled, "Yes Dad every day.” he
answered. "Well I think you should tidy your room.
You know these things are important if you want
to be a good boy, and only good things come to
good children.” He listened and remembered how he
wanted to have more fun. Well, perhaps if he tidied his
room, then maybe this would happen.

He went upstairs to his
bedroom. It was a mess
He let out a sigh. "Right,
something good will come, if
I'm a good boy. Tidying my room
would make me a good boy."
he said to himself.

He set upon the task
of picking up the toys and
putting them in the toy
box. He then picked
up the clothes, and
placed them back into
the drawers.
He picked up a sock
from the floor and sniffed it.
That's stinky," he
said to himself as he
tossed it into the
washing basket.
After he'd worked very
hard, he stood back and
looked at his tidy
look at how amazing
my room looks!" he said
with glee!

Just then, there
was a loud
went to
At the front door
on the mat, there was
a large envelope. He
picked it up. “To
from The Fabler.”
It said on the
He opened it. He pulled
out a shiny book. The
title read, “The Great
Space Race 's
Just then,
the book started to
shake. dropped it
to the floor, and
the pages fell

All of a sudden
very light. He
looked down to
see that his feet
had risen off the
ground, he was
floating. There
was big
and everything
went black.

had no idea
what had happened.
He rubbed his eyes.
To his surprise,
he was wearing a
He gazed out into
the darkness. It
was full of stars.
and planets.

"CRUMBS!!" he said. Just then
could see in the distance something
floating towards him. It was another Spaceman.
This Spaceman had odd socks
poking out from under his space boots.
"Hello Buddy, I'm Oddsocks," he
said, "sent by the Fabler," he
continued. Suddenly, he
was interrupted by a loud
C R A S H !!!
They both fell onto
their bottoms.

shook his head. He looked up to see a Rocket,
crash-landed next to them.
The doors of the Rocket smoked as
they opened. A very upset
Spaceman stomped
down the ramp.

“Well, that’s blown it. I don’t understand. I’m an
expert at flying, and I can’t seem to get it right.”
He said disappointedly. "I think he needs a bit of
help,” said Oddsocks “go on, it’s your adventure.”
He continued. Feeling nervous, went
to the Spaceman and tapped him on his shoulder.

The Spaceman swung around,
"State your name and purpose!"
he demanded. As he spoke
started to giggle
"How dare you giggle,"
said the Spaceman. "Sorry,"
said , "there's a pair
of pants hanging off your
Laser." Embarrassed, the
Spaceman stuffed them into
his pocket.

"It can't be all that bad," said, "what's your name?"
"Mr Wilson." He replied. "Nice to meet you, my name's
and this is Oddsocks, my new friend." "Would you like
a cup of tea?" said Mr Wilson. "That
sounds lovely," answered .
And with that, the three of them walked
up the ramp and into the Rocket.

The inside of the Rocket was small, but that wasn't what
had noticed; it was how messy it was. There were bits
and pieces everywhere. "Welcome on board," Mr Wilson said,
"find yourself a seat. I'm going to look for the kettle."
He hurried around, looking stressed, searching
for the kettle.

"Aha," he said as he pulled the kettle from under what looked like
a Mexican hat. "My trip to Mexico last year," explained Mr Wilson,
"Buenos Diaz!!" he said as he placed the hat over his Space helmet.
"Anyhow," said Mr Wilson removing the hat, "let's have a cuppa." He
scratched his head, "Oh, darn it! I wish I knew
where my teacups were."

At that point, there was a knock on the
door. "GOSH! who could that be?" he
exclaimed. He opened the door of the
Rocket. A purple alien was standing
holding a suitcase. "Good day. I'm here
to deliver your offical invitation to the
'Annual Galaxy Race'. It starts today."
The alien then proceeded to open his
suitcase, which was bursting full. He
began to look for the invitation. Getting
impatient, he tipped the entire contents
of the case onto the floor. All of
the papers fell out.

First, a messy
spaceship and now
a messy suitcase
thought .
"Here it is," the alien
said sounding
extremely chuffed
with himself. He
handed Mr Wilson
the envelope. Then
without delay, his
boots started to
Small flames
fired out from
underneath and he
took off, flying
up into space.

gasped Mr Wilson, "I'd better get
ready." He frantically started to
look around. "I wonder where
my spaceship keys are?" He sat
down and buried his head in his
hands. "Oh, I am so useless. I
don't know why I've even
bothered to enter the
race." he said.

"You need to tidy your
Spaceship," said , "then you would know
where everything is, and it would help you
to fly it better." "We can help you," said
Oddsocks. "Ok," said Mr Wilson, "let's get

with the BIG pile of
clothes; he picked up
each item and folded it.
He looked around to
see a wardrobe
and chest of draws.
He placed each
item inside.
Mr Wilson picked up
a banana skin and
it into a nearby
rubbish bin.
Oddsocks picked up a stripy
sock and threw it into a
wash basket. They continued
until the whole ship was
All three of them stood back
to admire their hard work.

Look at my Rocket. It looks as
good as new, and there are my
rocket keys." exclaimed Mr
Wilson. And sure enough, his
rocket keys were on the floor.
He picked them up.

He glanced at the clock "GOOD GRIEF! we
have to go." "We?" cried , "you want us
to come too?" "Of course, now get ready
as we have to travel millions of miles and
very quickly!!" continued Mr Wilson.
and Oddsocks sat in the passenger seats
grinning. They pulled their seat belts
across. Mr Wilson pressed a big red
button on the ship controls. The engines
began to RUMBLE and the Rocket
ZOOMED off into the black
space above them.

Mr Wilson moved the controls with ease. They
soared past planets and meteorites with great
speed! Then, in the distance, could see a planet
with a massive ring around it. It was
As the Rocket drew closer, hundreds of space
vessels were lining up. There were aliens of all
shapes and sizes cheering.
"This is it," said Mr Wilson,

Mr Wilson flew the
Rocket down to the
starting line. A tall green
alien with spiky orange
hair was holding a race
flag. Next to them was a
spaceship-shaped, just like
a flying saucer. Two aliens
were sitting inside. Their
spaceship looked very tidy.
There was a loud horn
sound, and the race
started. "Here we go!" yelled
Mr Wilson. And with that,
the Rocket ZOOMED into
the atmosphere. They flew
straight into fourth place.
Oddsocks and hung onto
their rocket seats.

"This is easier than before when my Rocket was
untidy." said Mr Wilson as the Rocket accelerated. They shot
past the flying saucer and into third place. They were now
on the tail of a spaceship shaped like a banana. An Alien
was sitting in the control seat, with crazy green hair and huge
pink lips. His spaceship was full of junk. "Hold on," said Mr
Wilson, "I've got this." He ZOOMED above the banana ship
and overtook it with ease. The alien waved his fist in anger.
"Should've tidied your spaceship!" shouted
Mr Wilson, laughing.

Now, they were in second place. It was exciting. "Right, now for
the final stretch." Mr Wilson exclaimed. He reached up to a
small golden button above his head. "I'd forgotten my Rocket
had this one. It was covered up with my pyjamas before. The
was sitting in the control seat, with crazy green hair and huge
control. Press this one, and you'll lose your socks
if you don't hold onto them." And with that, he
pressed it. The Rocket zoomed past the
final spaceship and straight
through the finishing line.

Mr Wilson landed the Rocket
and jumped out of his seat.
“WE WON!“ he shouted.
He grabbed 's hand
and shook it excitedly. "Thanks
so much. I would never
have been able to do it
if you hadn't helped
me tidy my Rocket."
He pressed the door release button, and the door
of the Rocket steamed opened to reveal hundreds of
CHEERING aliens. "Come on," said Mr Wilson. "Let's
celebrate." He walked down the ramp.

followed, but
as he did, the steam of
the Rocket grew thicker,
and he couldn't see.
"It's time for you to go
home." said Oddsocks.
suddenly felt
very light, just like he
did before, and again
there was a big
and everything
went black.
rubbed his eyes
and opened them wide. He
was now back in his
house by the front door.
The book was on the
floor. "What had
happened?" he said
to himself.

He flicked to the end of
the book. On the
final page, Mr Wilson was
standing proud. He was
holding what looked like a
trophy. He had a massive
grin across his face.

As stood
gazing into the book,
he heard his Dad
call from the kitchen.
"Are you ready for
school?" "Yes Dad,"
said , "and I've
tidied my room." he
continued smiling to
himself. And with
that, he went
upstairs to his
TIDY room to put
on his school
uniform, ready to
go to school.

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